Friday, October 16, 2009

Short Circuit Accelerator Pedal: Episode VI Return of the Vroomy

2 weeks has passed since the last episode. Vroomy had been dissected and her innards pushed and prodded by experts and a panel of parts suppliers. After much detailed checking, Vroomy has returned. As suspected, it was a wiring problem. According to the report shown to me, one of the cables was actually not inserted properly into a socket. So sometimes it would lose connectivity and that caused the voltage drop and engine light to come on.

Driving feels seriously different now. Before, it felt like I could not control the acceleration. It felt like it was either disconnected or accelerating too strongly. Now I can control the acceleration much more accurately.

Thanks to the guys at Center of Excellence for taking a serious look at my car and finding the root cause of the problem. Also thanks to them for providing me a car to use for the past two weeks.

Since I drove the old saga, I could see a huge difference in the old generation and the new. The old saga although had those huge exhausts, seemed severely underpowered compared to Vroomy. For e.g. even on a flat road, I could not get the car moving from 1st gear without having to first step on the accelerator. With Vroomy, I actually don't have to press the accelerator to get it moving. Oh and that loud sound that came from the exhausts actually caused the alarm of the car parked next to me to go off! TWICE! hahaha Sound of Thunder! Shifting gears in the old car was also very different. I had to move the gear handles a lot more to get them in gear compared to the shorter movement in Vroomy. The gear changing was a lot easier tho. Not as much resistance. Although the car had only seen 6k km of roads, the parts in the old saga were already rattling a lot! Hopefully Vroomy will continue to give me a quiet ride.