Sunday, August 23, 2009

Short Circuit Accelerator Pedal

Alamak.. exactly 1 week after sending my car for 1000km Service, suddenly while driving home from work the car started jerking randomly and the engine warning light came on!

Hey.. is that supposed to be on?

Had to drive home in that condition because EON Assist told me that they can only help me if my car can no longer move and has to be towed. "Oh you're sick? Sorry dude, the doctor can only see you if you are dying. Do let us know when you are dying and we'll be glad to help you."

Anyway took it back to the Proton Edar service center in Section 13 and after an 1.5 hours of investigating they told me that my accelerator pedal short circuited and that it had to be replaced. The parts are not available and they can't tell me when they will arrive. Cmonla I order pizza also can tell u when it can arrive. Don't tell me your sophisticated computer ordering system doesn't have ETA info. When I asked if it was safe to drive the car since it was jerking, their reply was "yes safe to drive. just don't go long distance". haha thanks for the tip guy..

Jerking Short Circuit??

Monday, August 17, 2009


wow the Buzz Saga is already 1000KMs old! The Buzzster went in for it's first service last weekend. I took the Buzzmobile to Section 13 Service Center. Stalling with Hills and I arrived around 7:45am and there was already a queue. Buzztimus was no.4.

First they keyed in Buzzella's information into their system. Then they asked if there were any problems with Vroomy. I informed them about Buzzanator's brake light turning on even if the handle was all the way down and the engine warning light that came on for awhile a few days back.

Here's the breakdown of the stuff done to Hang Cepat:

Oil Change Mach 5 20W50: RM69.01
Oil Filter: RM12.22
Gasket Plug Oil Drain: RM2.52
Window Washer Fluid RM5.20
Labour: Free labour coupon

Total : RM88.95

sorry just trying out a few nicknames..

Backseat condom

Not enough space in your boot for skates? Got kids armed with Slurpees? Does your pet like road trips? Protect your backseat from smelly wet skates, Slurpees , pet fur and stains with the backseat condom!

Ok that's not really what it's called.. but i'm sure it would have sold more if it was..

Rear seat protector for the furry friends in your life

Fits nicely and can be easily folded up in case you need to transport Bipeds

Furry Culprit: Just wanted an excuse to post Digi's picture :P I can do a belly up pose too! take that V3P0!


Just noticed that I've only uploaded pics of the exterior.. Here are a few of the interior:

Cockpit. However will I learn what all those buttons do?

What the heck does that pedal on the left do??

Backseat. Lots of room to sleep


Monday, August 10, 2009

Strut your stuff

"A strut bar, or commonly known as a strut brace or a strut tower brace, is designed to tie the two opposing strut towers together to form a single unit. This is to minimize the strut tower flex during hard cornering.

When taking a turn, a car's strut towers normally flex. This may cause the losing of some traction. The strut tower brace keeps the strut towers from flexing. They distribute the pressure applied to one strut tower when taking a turn on both towers instead of just one.

This results in improved chassis rigidity. Understeer is reduced(not sure bout this part. Some sites say increase), the tire wear is improved and metal fatigue is minimized in the strut tower portion. Adding a brace between these two strut towers is a great way to solidify a vehicle's suspension."

That's a typical description of a Strut bar.

This Cusco site has a few videos which demonstrates the flexing of the car body and how using a strut bar can reduce this and improve handling.

Ultra Racing is a Malaysian manufacturer and they make all kinds of bars for improving chassis stiffness.

I have not been able to get a definite answer as to whether the bar will improve handling only in racing driving conditions or whether it will improve handling in normal driving too. However, the general consensus is that the amount of effect felt will depend on how stiff/flexible your car is to begin with.

Although many sites emphasize better handling as the main selling point of strut bars, I'm more interested in the frame and chassis support part of it.

Just like my hockey sticks that are designed to flex, they do lose their flex after a short while and become soft way before they break. So I can totally imagine this happening to the frame of a car over time. So it looks like in the interest of extending the life of my car's chassis and frame, this might be my first modification.

From the few quotations I received, this modification would cost around RM150 or less and is a really short and simple process of screwing the bar on to the tops of the struts.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Be Considerate

Quit honking. Gimme a call and i'll move my car.

Double parking. I'm sure everyone has done it. There's just never enough parking right in front of the building you wanna go to :D The difference is some ppl double park and keep an eye on their car in case they need to move it. Others double park and hide themselves in a sound proof room and put some ear muffs on. The later is the cause of that honking you've been hearing for the last 30 minutes..

Check out my new license.. "License to Double Park" :P
It's one of those sign board thingys that you stick to your window. It comes with a 7 Segment style numbering that you black out to display your number.
Sweet. So now, I can double park and not be worried that ppl will be honking at no one for half an hour. Maybe I can get some calls from pretty ladies too..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Meguiar's RX Plu.. Nickname?

Ok. So I was checking out the Meguiar's website because that is the brand of product recommended by the guys at Posh Car Care. Meguiar's website has a service called Meguiar's RX Plus Garage where you can key in your car details and driving, parking habits and how shiny you like to keep your car. The site will shoot out some recommendations of what products you should use to keep your car looking great.

So I got stuck at the first page of the form.. Nickname?? My car needs a nickname! Suggestions please? fire away.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Posh Car Care

Finally got my door visors from Consultint today. So since it was finally whole, decided to take the car for a wash, wax n polish.

I had done some surveying before hand. Quotations I got were inversely proportional to how far away the shops were to my house. PJ quote = RM 500. Sunway quote = RM 200. Shah Alam quote = RM 98!. Guess which one I went for?

So I made an appointment to get the Silver Package at Posh Car Care which the shop owner advised was all that was needed since it was a new car. So the Silver Package is Wash, Vacuum, Clay, 2 Step Polish and Wax.
It took about 2 hours to complete and they really make an effort to look for even the tiniest scratches or marks to make sure that your car shines. Even on their RM10 washing jobs they were really careful to make sure everything was clean and dry.

The staff were also generous with their advice on how to maintain the paint shine on my own and what products I could use. This was what impressed me the most.

Polishing away all the tiny scratches/ swirl marks after covering all the plastic parts

Wiping off the wax.. no buffing involved

The result.. Sorry can't tell from the pics but the red does look redder(note the new visors)