Thursday, July 30, 2009

Enter The Dragon

Finally the Pre-saga Saga ends and the Saga we've actually been waiting for begins..

10 am: Line up at JPJ in Padang Jawa Shah Alam to choose my number and register the car.

11 am: Choosing tints at Consultint shop near EON Glenmarie. The light bulb demo was quite impressive. Went for lunch at D'Place.. actually quite tasty Malay food..

12pm: Went through my Checklist while waiting for the tint.. 4 5 wheels? Check.. :P
Shop lounge TV was showing Spiderman 3... man all that dancing was unnecessary..

2pm: Sales guy gave me a briefing on how to use all of the 5 buttons on my dashboard hahaha.. this car is no Mazda 3 that's for sure.

3pm: 10th round around the parking lot. No No i'm not lost. I just like driving in circles:P Stalled 3 times already..

4pm: After reaching home i decided to go back out n do some practice on my hill starts in the housing area nearby. Must have stalled an additional 10-15 times ahahaha

5pm: Passed out from the leg cramps. My left leg found muscles it never knew it had..

Here are some pictures of the externals after stalling 5 times from the showroom:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Farewell to my hero

Farewell to my veteran silver hero.. you have served me and my family well for so long. It's now time for you to ride into the sunset and be a hero to some other family.

Thanks for the good times...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Definition of Saga

sa・ga (plural sa・gas)

noun Definition: 1. A long story or series of events: a complicated series of events or personal experiences stretching over a considerable period of time, or a detailed account of such a series of events or experiences ( informal )

I thought they meant the many events or experiences I will have over a long period of time with the car. Not the many events or experiences I will have just to get the car :P

0th week: You can get the car next week

1st week: You can get the car next week

2nd week: Guarantee you can get the car end of the month

3rd week: The car is stuck in customs. Don't know when you can get the car

4th week: The car is out of customs and the paint is being touched up. You can get the car next week

5th week: The car is still stuck in customs. Don't know when you can get the car


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So apparently because these 1.6 saga are ex-taxi cars, they were exempted from taxes. So now before they can be sold to the public, the taxes will have to be paid first. This is the cause of the delay. Currently there are 300++ of these being processed and it will take some time... boo hoo..