Sunday, August 23, 2009

Short Circuit Accelerator Pedal

Alamak.. exactly 1 week after sending my car for 1000km Service, suddenly while driving home from work the car started jerking randomly and the engine warning light came on!

Hey.. is that supposed to be on?

Had to drive home in that condition because EON Assist told me that they can only help me if my car can no longer move and has to be towed. "Oh you're sick? Sorry dude, the doctor can only see you if you are dying. Do let us know when you are dying and we'll be glad to help you."

Anyway took it back to the Proton Edar service center in Section 13 and after an 1.5 hours of investigating they told me that my accelerator pedal short circuited and that it had to be replaced. The parts are not available and they can't tell me when they will arrive. Cmonla I order pizza also can tell u when it can arrive. Don't tell me your sophisticated computer ordering system doesn't have ETA info. When I asked if it was safe to drive the car since it was jerking, their reply was "yes safe to drive. just don't go long distance". haha thanks for the tip guy..

Jerking Short Circuit??

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